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Hello friends. My name is Cori, creator and owner of Cori Lynn Co. I began creating handmade bridal accessories in 2008 after the birth of my first child. It was during this time I made the leap from professional work into my 24 hour job of mothering and homemaking all the while dreaming of days when I would spend time sipping warm tea, grazing local flea markets for vintage finds and curating that one of a kind piece.

People that know me best would probably describe me as creative, somewhat eclectic and first and foremost a mother. When I’m not working on a new collection, I enjoy traveling to the countryside, visiting with friends and family, and most of all being at our home with my husband and our three children making messes and memories.

The things I love most in life are relationships, traveling and the feel of fine delicate textiles. I’ve been in love with art, fabric and vintage designs dating back to my years as a little girl repurposing thrift shop finds all the way through college where I attended The Ohio State University studying Human Ecology and earning a degree in textiles and merchandising.

Every day I feel blessed for the opportunity to do WHAT I LOVE, WITH THOSE THAT I LOVE! My hope is that through Cori Lynn Co. others will be inspired to create, live and love through each uniquely designed piece.